Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Today is the last day to register to vote

You have until 8pm to register to vote- and remember- if you've moved, even in the same town, since the last time you registered, you need to re-register.

This is your chance to make your opinion count.

Also- make sure your license has your correct address on it (or a change of address sticker) so you don't get turned away at the polls. The historic quality of this election leads me to believe they'll be checking every voter very carefully.

You can get the change of address stickers at the DMV or at the police station. (I just found that out yesterday when I called the registrar).

Also, you can call the registrar in your town to make sure you're registered and find out where you vote. Just Google your town's name and "registrar."

Now go do it! :)

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