Monday, September 29, 2008

Good News and Bad News

The good news is, all the computers on the 4th floor are now brand-spanking new. They have Office 07, bigger monitors, and actually work. In addition, the missing, broken ones have been replaced so we're back to 15 terminals in the 4th floor reference area.

The bad news? They aren't loading some documents from Blackboard Vista, and they aren't letting you use your flash drive. These are simply settings that need to be fixed, so don't panic, the wonderful people in IT will be over shortly to address this. However, if you need to open something from your flash drive today, you should head upstairs to the fifth floor library computer lab, or one of the other labs on campus.

Still good news, though! Hooray!

Monday, September 15, 2008

There are no old books

only old libraries.

When you're searching for library books for a research paper, chances are you're looking for something recent. A quick way of limiting your results to the last five years is to use the Quick Limit feature on the search screen. Here's how you do it:

From the library homepage, click Library Online Catalog.
type in your search terms, choose keyword, title or author, and in the drop down menu on the right, choose "Last 5 Years"

Then click Search.

Ta-da! Books from 2003 and on. The Quick Limit can also be used to limit to magazines, movies, and CDs.

Friday, September 12, 2008

MyMathLab + Library = 5th floor (for right now)

If you need to use MyMathLab, head on up to the fifth floor lab in the library. Right now, the 4th floor computers don't have the latest Flash update required to run it, so it doesn't work. The fifth floor computers are all brand new, so they should be fine. IT is coming sometime very soon to fix the 4th floor computers, so we'll update you when it's fixed.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Respiratory Journals @ Your Library

This is mainly for the cardiopulmonary anatomy and physiology course (say that five times fast), but it's good for anyone in the health sciences to have. Here are our respiratory journals:

Respiratory Journals Available through the Library Databases

(disclaimer: these links will work in the library, but from home, you'll need to log in to myCommNet to be authenticated. Sorry)

Canadian Journal of Respiratory Therapy
Bibliographic Records: 1996 to present; Full Text: 12/01/2004 to present in CINAHL with Full Text

from 05/01/1989 to 07/31/2006 in Health & Wellness Resource Center
from 05/01/1989 to 07/01/2006 in Expanded Academic ASAP and General OneFile
from 07/01/2000 to 01/27/2005 in Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition

Experimental Lung Research
Bibliographic Records: 01/01/1999 to present; Full Text: 01/01/1999 to present (with a 12
Month delay) Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition
*Full text delay due to publisher restrictions ("embargo")

FOCUS : journal for respiratory care & sleep medicine
from 01/01/2000 to 01/01/2003 in General OneFile
from 09/01/2000 to 01/31/2003 in Health & Wellness Resource Center
from 09/22/2000 to 01/01/2003 in Expanded Academic ASAP
from 03/01/2003 to present in Health & Wellness Resource Center
from 03/22/2003 to present in Expanded Academic ASAP and General OneFile

Journal of respiratory diseases (0194-259X)
from 08/01/1999 to present in Expanded Academic ASAP, General OneFile, General Reference Center Gold and Health & Wellness Resource Center

Respiratory care manager (1076-6030)
from 01/01/2007 to present in Health & Wellness Resource Center

Respiratory therapeutics week (1543-6659)
from 01/01/2003 to present in Health & Wellness Resource Center
from 01/27/2003 to 12/27/2004 in General OneFile

Respiratory Journals Available in Print

American Journal of Respiratory & Critical Care Medicine
From January 2003 to present in NVCC Periodical Collection

Respiratory Care
From October 1999 to present in NVCC Periodical Collection

And if you're a little confused about how to look up journals to see if the library subscribes to them in print, try reading this post on how to do it.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Printing reminders

Now that people are back on campus, I wanted to repost the printing tips.

Here you go, printing people:

Happy Monday!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Google Book search

You're probably used to searching for books, music or movies on Amazon or something like it. When you find what you're looking for on sites like those, you can usually see the covers, hear bits of the songs, look at pages of the books. Now you can do that on our library catalog too, because we have added Google Book.

If you search for a book that is relatively new, and click on it's title to see the Detail Record, you'll see a bunch of information about the book- title, author, subjects, notes. Halfway down the page you will see something that says:

Google Books: A portion of this book is viewable.
"About This Book" information is available.

Go ahead- click the links! They should work. When you get to Google Books, you can see part of the book, so you can get a sense of it, and read the table of contents to see if it is what you're looking for.

This is especially great if you are visiting the library catalog from home and don't know if you want to come in to get the book or not, although I have to tell you that you're missing out if you don't come in. Did I mention we have movies?

Welcome (back)!

If you're a returning student, welcome back! And if you're new, congratulations. You've made a great choice and a financially sound one at that. Naugatuck Valley Community College is a great college with awesome, invested professors, and to top that, we have a brand new Technology Hall building that opens- TODAY! I haven't even gone over there yet but I plan on checking it out at lunchtime. Let me know what you think!

Not only do we have a brand spanking new building, but there have been some other changes over the summer. We have a new president, Dr. Daisy Cocco De Filippis. Dr. De Filippis comes to us from Hostos Community College in the Bronx. I can personally say that she is a warm and enthusiastic individual and she really likes our campus, especially the trees. So, that is very exciting.

In library news, our beloved student worker Naomi has graduated and moved on to exciting adventures, so we encourage anyone with work study money to talk to us about working at the library. It's a really fun work study job, although I have to tell you that I worked at the library all four years of college and now I'm a librarian, so consider yourself warned. ;)

We also got new computers with Office '07 on them in L523, the computer room upstairs. The reference area still has Office '03.

Have a great school year!