Thursday, May 1, 2008

Learn to speak Librarian!

Completely free lessons!

The basics:

Library Online Catalog= Search for books
Electronic Databases= Search for articles
reQuest= all the library books in the whole state all at one time (WOW!)
Serials Solutions= Magazine/Journal Locator
Journals & Newspapers= Nothing. Don't look at that page.

Library Lingo:

Stacks= Bookshelves
Circulation Desk= Big desk on 4th floor where you check things out
Reference Desk= Big desk near computers where you ask questions
Serials= Magazines and Journals
Journals= Academic Magazines
Reserve= on hold

Database Lingo:

Databases= digital (online) collections of journals and magazines
Ebsco= a company that owns several databases
full-text= you can read/print it
citation= can't read/print it
PDF= scanned version of an article
html= digitized version of an article (may not have images/graphs)
download= save

Hope you enjoyed this beginning library lingo session! See you in the lib
rary soon!

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