Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Going Green?

Everyone seems to be going green... the bookstores are full of books about it, the grocery stores are selling reusable bags, and the Governor is creating websites about things you can do. Today, I attended an online chat about college libraries going green and there were librarians from all across the country writing in about different things libraries can do to help create a sustainable future.

Some of the librarians were from community colleges like ours (I asked) and we talked about reducing the amount of wasteful printing, bike riding to campus (there are bike racks in the front of Founders now!), and recycling. It seems like a lot of colleges, including commuter campuses like Naugatuck Valley, are making an effort to make their college an environmentally friendly place.

For now, we're buying lots of new books on the subject, and asking that you keep your printing down as much as possible. But, if anyone has suggestions on the topic, we'd be thrilled to hear them!

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