Thursday, April 3, 2008

Health Expo 2008

Every year NVCC sponsors a Health Expo, a showcase of community experts in many different facets of health and wellness. I'm particularly excited about this year's expo because I actually get to go- I started working here full time last May and could never make it to the Expos of the past. Anyway, the Health Expo will feature all kinds of free testing, information about alternative healing, getting health insurance, donating things like blood and organs, and something called "Fatal Vision Glasses" that sounds interesting but scary.

If something piques your interest, the library has lots of health materials that you can use to find out more. For health databases, we subscribe to the nursing databases CINAHL and Health Source: Nursing, and a database called Health & Wellness Resource, which is like WebMD, only MUCH better. Click
here to take a look.

For books, we buy academic materials on health topics, but we also have many popular titles, such as What to Expect When You're Expecting, Food synergy : unleash hundreds of powerful healing food combinations to fight disease and live well, and Kids healthy lunchbox: over 50 delicious and nutritious lunchbox ideas for children of all ages (in case you brown bag it at school). We also subscribe to Health magazine, if you want to stop by and read a little between classes.

But the best part of all is our DVD collection- we've got yoga, pilates, cardio- even bellydancing workout DVDs that you can check out, for free, for a week!

So stop by the library after you hit the Health Expo! See you then!

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